Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It's All Pinterest's Fault

A few months ago I developed a new addiction. It's called pinning.

Pinterest has become the natural outworking of... well, me! Over the years I've started a million scrapbooks and photo albums and recipe collections, but many have been left incomplete as life, new interests and my ability to lose things got in the way. Pinterest has exploded into my world and given me an incredibly easy, fun and inspiring way of doing all these things, in one place, whenever I want and without losing them!

However, as a result, I am now subscribed to a million food blogs. Ok, not a million. But at last count 27, and that's a lot. There are some amazing bloggers out there, amazing cooks and amazing photographers- and these blogs seem to pull all three into one neat package. I love them!

Problem is, they've planted an idea in my head, which I haven't yet said out loud, but the fact that I'm cooking twice as often as before (and I used to cook a lot) and that I'm often to be seen taking the products of my cooking through to the conservatory "because there's better light in there" probably gives you a clue. The poor souls who follow me on twitter and facebook have probably had a hunch for a while now, given that 90% of my posts are photos of food.

So I figured it was about time I took a risk and tried pulling my photos and adventures into one place!

Don't blame me, it's all Pinterest's fault.


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