Sunday, 29 July 2012

"I'm feeling very Olympic today"

Hi, my name is Rhona, and I'm an Olympics addict. 

I'd like to apologise for the radio silence for the last few days but, you see, I've been glued to the Olympics. Have no fear, I've still been cooking- but then I run straight back to the TV in case I missed anything exciting in the (insert any random sport here)! 

On Friday night, my excitement reached fever pitch as we hosted a mini party with some friends to watch the opening ceremony (anyone who didn't think it was incredible should feel free to leave now). 75% of my excitement was due to the fact that, after months of waiting, the Olympics were finally here- but 25% was definitely due to the excuse to make themed party food! 

After only one or two items I admit my creativity dried up (there's only so many ring shaped food stuffs you can serve in one setting), but that only meant I got to make whatever I liked! Over the next few days I'm going to share a couple of the recipes with you, but here's a little taster for you to tide you over...

OK, so the first two aren't recipes so much as simply popcorn torches and donut rings, but I was proud of them nonetheless.

The next two, however, I can't wait to share with you. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for Nutella Mousse Shots and Homemade Raspberry Lemonade. They're worth the wait, I promise!

P.S. Tell me, did everyone else get the reference in the title of this post? Mr Ellwood gave me a "smile and nod" look, which led me to the horrifying realisation that he didn't recognise a Cool Runnings quote. Oh my. 

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