Thursday, 9 August 2012

Borough Market

Today I want to take you on a wander through one of my favourite places; Borough Market. I wish you could experience all the hustle and bustle, smells and tastes with me, but I'm afraid we'll have to settle for a photo montage (that's my way of warning you that this post is going to be photo heavy!).

Our first stop is going to be with the wonderful people of "Roast" who, quite aptly, sell the world's best roast pork sandwiches with apple sauce. Juicy and tender meat with the most epic crackling you'll ever encounter. This is not only a stop driven by our stomachs, but it's also a strategic stop- it's a dangerous, dangerous move to walk round Borough Market when hungry (or so our wallets tell us)!

If pork sandwiches aren't your thing that's OK (but know that I am judging you) as there are food outlets to satisfy any taste or appetite. I can also vouch for the beautifully seared scallops with crispy bacon, served in a shell, and also the incredible seafood paella.

Now that are stomachs are preoccupied and our hands are full (these sandwiches are huge) lets go wander around the greengrocers (to make us feel a bit healthier). I just love the amazing range of produce they have on offer, and not just the types of fruits and vegetables but the varieties within each type! I'm not sure I've ever seen such an array of tomatoes or mushrooms!

I was dying to stock up on the beautiful peaches and cherries for my peach butter and cherry butter, but I wasn't sure I could be trusted to keep them bruise free all the way home.

I really wasn't even sure what these spiky little dudes below were, but they looked so cool I had to show them to you! Any ideas?

Next there's the cheese. Oh the cheese. The multitude of cheese vendors to be found at Borough Market make me very happy; if you can't find the cheese you're looking for at Borough Market, well... you're just too picky.

They have every type of cheese under the sun, in every shape and form, and also cooked in a variety of ways. I'm not sure a regular grilled cheese seems quite as interesting now that I've seen it cooked this way! That half circle of cheese is sitting under a very hot grill, and when it's toasty and gooey enough they scrape the top layer straight onto a your sandwich. Oh my.

We're going to need some bread to go with all that cheese, so it's a good thing we're in the right place- it's artisan bread galore at Borough Market!

If you fancy making a picnic out of the goodies on offer, let me show you the finest selection of olives and sun dried tomatoes and peppers I ever laid eyes on...

If you need something to wash it all down with, and it's starting to get a bit chilly, then please do try the cider... it's truly scrumptious! OK, sorry, I couldn't resist....

So really we should get going, but I just need to buy one more thing. I simply cannot go to Borough Market without buying a tub of mushroom pate from "Pate Moi"- I've tried before, and I just went scurrying back half an hour later when I just couldn't resist it! This is, quite simply, the best mushroom pate out there. Hands down. No contest. I've tried others, I've tried making my own, but this just can't be beaten.  Truly awesome. It's not just the incredible flavour, it's the multitude ways it can be used! On toast, in beef wellington, as a base for homemade dips, melted over steaks or chops... the list is endless. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the scrummy pasta sauce you can use it for...

Thanks for wandering with me!

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