Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ellwoods' Garden

I'm very excited. Stupidly excited. Unacceptably excited, considering the reason for it.

The veggies in our garden are almost ready! Given my excitement, I thought it was about time that I introduced you to our garden, especially considering it's one of the key elements of our "Simple Life".

At the beginning of this year, Mr Ellwood and I were so blessed to be in a position to buy our first and very own home. With that home came a wee garden, and you cannot begin to understand how excited we were to have our own outside space! It needed quite a lot of work- as you'll see from the photo below we had to get a HUGE pond removed, but we enjoyed the challenge and opportunity of taking a blank canvas and doing our own thing.

Mr Ellwood has always wanted an allotment, I've always wanted a herb garden. It didn't take us long to decide that our garden would serve both these purposes, and hopefully help us keep costs down in the long term through growing our own produce. Given that it would therefore be a glorified veggie patch, and they're not necessarily the prettiest of gardens, we decided to add some colour through the staging used- hence the white raised beds (built from scratch by my awesome husband) and the coloured pots (the pots on the fence are my beloved herb garden). These pictures were taken earlier in the summer, so there wasn't much growth yet but it's all change now (I'll update the picturese asap)! We still want to freshen up the garden furniture with a lick of paint, but we'll get there eventually...

Back to the beginning of my story though... our veggies are almost ready! After planting them later than hoped (it took us a while to get the garden ready for planting!) and a very, very, very wet summer it has taken them a while, but we're starting to see the fruits (or rather the veggies) of our labour! Yes, I know that is a very teeny, tiny carrot... but it's getting there!

OK, I say our labour, but really I should say Mr Ellwood's labour. I can assure you, this was not me gardening with an umbrella in hand...

This week we've been enjoying the first crop of our yummy peas- they're so sweet and wonderful straight out of the pod, it's a wonder any of them have made it to the kitchen. They have though, and the peas below were the inspiration for a very simple carbonara, which I will tell you about tomorrow...

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