Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Speedy Five-Spice Lamb Noodles

I don't know about yours, but dinner time can be a little rushed in our house! To try to help with this, I love trying out new recipes that I can have ready in half an hour.

This, for the girl who was always last in cooking class and had to do her washing up in her lunch break, can be quite a challenge!

Thank goodness for Asian cooking! Is it just me, or do they have the speedy dinner down to a fine art? I love that, with a wok in hand, even I can have a yummy meal packed with bright, bold flavours on the table in 30 minutes! It doesn't hurt that it also minimises the washing up...

Speedy Five Spice Lamb Noodles
Serves 2

200g Lamb steak, cut into strips
3 spring onions, roughly chopped
2 red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
3cm root ginger, peeled and finely chopped
200g dried egg noodles
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tspns sesame oil
4 tspns soy sauce
100ml chicken stock
1/2 tspn five-spice
2 tspns oyster sauce
1 tblspn mirin (japanese rice wine)
1 tspn cornflour
1) Mix together the five spice, oyster sauce, 2 tspns soy sauce, mirin and cornflour in a large bowl until smooth and combined. Add in the strips of lamb, toss to thoroughly coat and set aside in the fridge for at least ten minutes... longer would be even better! Mirin might seem like an odd ingredient for me to have on hand, but it's actually readily available in supermarkets, is relatively cheap (especially as you don't need much to pack a whole lot of flavour) and is a great addition to many amazing Asian dishes (note to self: tell everyone about mirin poached beef!)

2) Boil the noodles according to the packet instructions- ours were boiled for 3 minutes, drained, then transferred to a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking.

3) Heat the oil over high heat, then add the ginger, garlic and chili for a minute or so, until softened.

4) Add in the lamb strips, keeping the marinade aside and stir fry for a further minute, until browned. 

5) Mix the chicken stock and spring onions (keeping some until the end) into the reserved marinade then add it all into the pan with the lamb. Cook for another 2 minutes. 

6) Add in the noodles and stir until well mixed, and cook until noodles are heated through (about a minute).

Serve immediately with the leftover spring onions sprinkled on top and prawn crackers on the side.

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  1. I loved your recipe posted on your blog because it is delicious. Actually, I tried your stir fry sauce recipe and I'm really amazed because it is so delicious. I learned a new dish on your blog and I hope you would post a lot of recipes here. Thank you!