Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ice Cream Sunday: Homemade Magic Shell

I was thinking; an ice cream sundae isn't really an ice cream sundae without a sauce of some form, is it? Therefore, I can't really do "Ice Cream Sunday" without sharing a couple recipes for sauces and toppings, can I?


So that brings me to today's offering- homemade magic shell! Do you remember that wonderful sauce you used to get when you were a child (if you'd been good) that would set as it rested on the ice cream, and make that amazing cracking sound when you broke through with your spoon?! That's magic shell, and I am as entranced and enthralled by it now as I ever was then. Perhaps even more so, now that I know the method behind the magic- it's so simple, I think I find that even more amazing than the magic trick itself!

When I said simple, did you raise an eyebrow? Well tut tut, oh sceptic one. Let me tell you how wrong you are... guess how many ingredients there are? Two. Just two. Only two. Is that simple enough?! Hmmm.... this post is giving me flashbacks to when I told you about my new favourite way to make ice cream. What can I say, I like simple recipes!

This recipe is thanks to another of my favourite blogs Whipperberry

Homemade Magic Shell

180g chocolate chips (experiment with the different flavours you can get- we used half chocolate, half caramel. Yum)
2 tblpsns of coconut oil OR 3 tblspns of melted butter (will result in a slightly thicker sauce with less of a crisp crack)

NB- if looking for coconut oil, remember that it will be sold in a jar, not a bottle. This is because coconut oil is a solid when cold and turns to liquid when heated (just like butter)... that's the trick behind the magic!

1) Put the chocolate chips and the coconut oil/ butter in a small bowl.

2) Sit this bowl over a pan of boiling water and stir until all has melted together.

Um, you're done! Let it cool slightly, then drizzle over your ice cream to your heart's content. The sauce will keep in an air tight jar for about two weeks- just microwave to remelt it.

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