Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Favourites

As we welcome in the new year, I've decided (read: promised Mr E) to take a mini break from blogging for some proper holiday time and to focus on some very exciting events (mostly the wedding of one of my dearest friends)! Don't worry though (were you worrying?), I'll be back soon enough with some fab new recipes to share with you... Insanely good (and stupidly easy) raspberry ripple ice cream for one, roasted balsamic tomatoes and chorizo risotto for another and Thai lamb noodles to seal the deal (a particular Ellwood favourite).

For now though, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the most popular recipes of 2012....

5) Pesto Bread Wreath

4) Homemade Magic Shell

3) Ice Creme Brûlée

2) Mini Magnums

... but your run away favourite seemed to be....

1) Marshmallow Fluff!

I guess there are two lessons to be learned from that for me: a) you guys have a sweet tooth and b) I should make things for my big brother more often!

For now let me leave you with my very best wishes for the very happiest New Year; I'm looking forward to connecting with you in 2013!

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