Who is Mrs Ellwood?

"I believe we would be happier to have a personal revolution in our individual lives and go back to simpler living and more direct thinking. It is the simple things of life that make living worth while, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest and living close to nature."
    — Laura Ingalls Wilder
I'm a Scotswoman living in England... which should give you an idea of just how much I love my husband! When we got married, we did so on the understanding that we wanted our marriage and our life together to make a difference in the world. By that, we didn't so much mean the whole planet (althought wouldn't it be nice to leave a legacy of that magnitude?!), but at the very least the little part of the world that we come into contact with. This means we have a tendency to pack our lives quite full- so, to fit it all in and give our priorities the attention they need, we try to find ways of living life as simply as possible.

I love to cook, and I firmly believe that our generous God gave us a world full of food so that we might enjoy it, so one of my contributions to our efforts is to make recipes that are simple, quick, cheap... oh, and yummy too! I love to share these with my friends and family, so I thought perhaps it was about time I popped them on here to share with anyone and everyone who might enjoy them.

Hmmm, what else can I tell you?

I love my God, I love my husband, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my church, I love my community, I love the teenagers in our youth group, I love our cosy wee home, I love cooking, I love reading, I love travelling, I love having friends in far flung places, I love food, I love candles (the Yankee variety, in particular), I love our breadmachine, I love the smell of fresh bread filling our house, I love rosemary, I love tabasco, I love taking photographs, I love home made versions of things people would normally buy, I love living a full life.

I hate Jellyfish.

That's me in a nutshell! Nice to meet you :)